Explore the Equinix Customer Portal

This is a short tour into Equinix Customer Portal's features. ECP (Equinix Customer Portal) allows you to place orders, open tickets, and manage your account.
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2-way Communication

The Equinix 2-Way Commun­ications tool enables an open commun­ication channel between you and an Equinix Operations Technician. This tool is activated by an Equinix Technician in order to request changes or clarification on an order and can be accessed from any page on the portal.

User Tool Cog

Click this icon to view and edit your profile information. You can also view your permissions and enter your notification preferences. Set your local time zone for all portal activities and select your preference of seven available languages.


The site navigation provides easy access to related items at a glance. All of the services you have come to rely upon at Equinix are one click away, including your history of requests submitted via the portal over the past 12 months.


After you’ve placed your installation or scheduling request with Equinix via the portal, email, phone or mobile device, the Operations menu provides access to important features, including your Install Base (Equinix installation inventory), Finance Overview (payment histories and invoices), Reports, Environmental Monitoring (for APAC IBXs) and the Trouble Ticket submission form.

Network Services

For APAC and EMEA Customers you may view your Equinix Connect traffic usage charts and use Looking Glass to ping your routers and view network behavior.

Message Center

The Message Center is your tool for keeping up to date on all of your pending actions, current and past IBX notifications, requested reports, and portal announce­ments. Use this as a central location to keep up to date on all of your orders and requests.

Recent Submitted and Saved Requests

You can switch your view from a summary of your most recently submitted requests to requests that you have saved for completion at a later time. Clicking the Order ID for recent requests will take you to the details of that request. When viewing the saved requests summary, click Edit to change, complete, submit or delete any item.

Options Tool

Filter, View and Reports controls are found here.

  • Filter allows you to control what you want to see by focusing only on criteria you select.
  • View changes the columns of data displayed to only what you want to see.
  • The Reports tab lets you create any report you need and download it from the Reports page. Reports give you access to all of your data in a format that you can view and use anywhere.


Quickly access any page with a quick click or a broad slide of controls available at the top and bottom of the page.

New Data Grid Layout

Your most important data that’s available on the portal has been re-organized into data grids that provide instant access to all order details and statuses with a single click on the arrow control to the left of each Order ID. Columns can be resized, filtered, and sorted to your preference.

Inline Controls

You may download, save, email, or print a PDF copy of any request you view. You can also instantly modify or cancel any order that hasn’t been completed.

Location Details

All requests start with defining the intended IBX data center, cage, and cabinet. Once your location is selected, the portal provides details about the location, including street address, hours of operation and a link to a map of the surrounding area.

Request Details

Each request type has different details available to select or enter manually. Certain fields will auto-populate with information based on earlier selections.

Scheduling Options

The portal offers three options for orders that require scheduling:

  • Standard Scheduling completes the request in Equinix’s standard turnaround time.
  • Expedite Scheduling allows you to prioritize your request.
  • Scheduled Maintenance allows you to select a specific date and time for your request to be completed.


You can add up to five attachments to any request including Word, Excel, PDF, Visio and JPEG files with a file size limit of 2MB. Your attachments will be sent to onsite technicians to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

Customer Internal Reference

Many customers have an internal ticketing system to track items ordered form Equinix. This field provides a place to enter your internal reference information, including P.O numbers, ticket numbers or descriptive text. This information can be searched for on the Submitted Request page and will appear on your invoice.

Contact Information

You may specify a technical/alternate contact for your requests. If questions arise Equinix will contact this person as the primary technical contact. Technical contacts do not receive booking or completion notices.


This new portal feature gives users more control over their profile information. You no longer need to contact the Service Desk to change your name or email address. Equinix listened to customers prior to redesigning the portal - this is just one small example of changes you influenced.

  • Account details are found in a new user-friendly interface for the items that keep your portal account secure. You now have the ability to show or hide your PIN, which is used to confirm your identity when contacting the Service Desk.
  • You can now change your security questions and answers at any time.


You can view the permissions assigned to you by your company administrator. If you require additional permissions for IBX Datacenter Access, Portal Access and Ordering, View Billing and Payment Statements, or Notifications, your Administrator can make those changes for you.

Notification Preferences

You have complete control over the types of IBX and Network notifications you receive and their delivery methods. IBX Incidents and Advisories, as well as Network Incidents, are available via email, SMS and voicemail, while Maintenance Notifications are available via email and visible on the portal.

User Management

The new User Management menu allows customer Administrators to enter the workflows for managing other users' and Administrators' permissions for portal access, ordering, IBX data center access and payment statements with just one click of the Modify Users link. From there, Administrators can select the Modify User link for any specific user to change their permissions.

In addition, links to all other Administrator functions, including adding, inviting and approving other users, are found in the User Management menu.

Create and Manage other Administrators

Click the “This user has Administrator privileges” checkbox to create administrator privileges for any user. Two different levels of privileges are available:

  • Master Administrators have Administrator rights for all of your company’s IBX data centers and can create, manage and terminate all other Administrators and users.
  • IBX Administrators have Administrator rights on a subset of your company’s IBX data centers or cages and can create, manage and terminate users.

Other Portal Access and Ordering Permissions include:

  • IBX Access Services (formerly Basic Services) to control permissions for a user to submit requests for Work Visits, IBX Security Access, Conference Rooms and Tours.
  • Smart Hands & Accessories (Formerly Smart Hands) to control permissions for a user to order Smart Hands and Accessories.
  • View All Users’ Requests to allow a user to see a complete history of ALL orders submitted by anyone in their organization for selected IBXs, including orders submitted via the Service Desk or portal.

IBX Datacenter Access

  • Add/Remove Equipment allows you to assign user permissions to enter or leave a site with equipment.
  • Manage physical access to the IBX or limit access to specific cages.
  • Remove Equipment allows you to assign user permissions to enter or leave a site with equipment.
  • Bring Guests allows a user to bring any guest with them (at least 18 years of age) to any data center they have permission to access.
  • IBX POC and Certified Tour Guides require special certifications that you can request from your Client Services Manager.

View Billing and Payment Statement Permissions

Users with this permission can see their company’s payment history and view/download invoices. Billing and payment history for the past 12 months is available on the portal.

Notifications Permissions

Administrators can enable IBX-specific email and portal notifications for all users. Once you have assigned these permissions, you can also add SMS and Voice notifications preferences on the Notifications Preferences tab. Users can then self-manage these preferences on their own profiles at any time.

Account Selector

You can switch your view from the account level. Use this drop-down to view the information from another account.

Alarm/Alert Status Bar

At the top of the page, you will see a real-time display of active alerts and alarms on the power and cooling infrastructure supporting your cages and power circuits. You may click on the alarm status to view the specific asset in alarm and information around how the alarm affects your cages and power circuits.

Asset Search

Asset Search allows you to quickly find and view real time operating data and the alarm status of a single asset. You can search for power circuits, environmental sensors, and mechanical or electrical assets.

Environmental Overview

On the Environmental page, you may view the past and present temperature and humidity of your cages, cabinets and IBX cooling zones in this IBX.

Power Draw Overview

On the Power Draw page, you may view past and present power usage and capacity metrics for all the AC power circuits being supplied to your cages and cabinets.

Mechanical Status Page

On the Mechanical page, you may view the real-time operating status of the cooling infrastructure supporting your cages in this IBX.

Electrical Status Overview

On the Electrical page, you may view the real-time operating status of the electrical infrastructure supporting the power circuits in your cages and cabinets in this IBX.

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